Pipistrel Alpha Electro arrived on the 17th of June

Helsinki Electric Aviation Association received the first electric aircraft Pipistrel Alpha Electro on Sunday 17th of June 2018. The plane arrived by road transport directly from the factory in Slovenia. The plane had a personal driver Mr. Aljaz who drove 2000 kilometers by road to Finland and arrived to Helsinki-Malmi Airport one day earlier than expected.

The aim of the Helsinki Electric Aviation Association is to build an electric aviation ecosystem around the Pipistrel Alpha Electro to support the development of electric aviation in Finland. New ecosystem will support training, research, and development.

“Aviation will change rapidly and we wanted quickly to increase the knowledge about electric aviation in Finland. Our aim is to research e.g. the aircraft batteries, performance, charging infrastructure and sustainability of aviation, and we wanted to do this together with other visionaries.”, says Janne Vasama the chairman of the Helsinki Electric Aviation Association.

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Helsinki Electric Aviation Association,
Email: info@sahkolentokone.fi

Janne Vasama, chairman
Tel. +358 40 512 3575

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